M3 – Management, Marketing, Money – TC in Norway, 2019

 “M3” is a 7-day-lasting international training course on management, marketing and finances for organisations working with youth and international youth mobility. The training course is targeted at managers in youth work, and takes place from May 24th to June 1st (including travel days) of 2019 in Hornsjoe, Norway. Funding is provided through the Norwegian National Agency for ERASMUS+: Youth in Action, Key Action 1, Mobility of Youth Workers. 

In this international training course, we will deal with how to ensure quality, stability, sustainability and visibility in our projects and programmes. Many times drawing from approaches in the sector of private economy and adapting them to the necessities and realities of our Civil Society Organisations, we will better know our  „products“, our potential clients and how to reach them, our supporters, the environment/market we operate within, and how we can position ourselves in this market and raise the visibility and appreciation of our work. 

We will analyze our own structures, our working procedures/processes (e.g. related to decision making, information and implementation), and our planning and controlling mechanisms. We will introduce management tools that can help ensure quality and sustainability both of projects as of the organisation as a whole and thus allow long-term planning and strategic development. We will deal with some important aspects of financial management such as fundraising, budgeting, accounting and controlling. And we will touch upon social entrepreneurship, digitalization and the use of social media

Frontal inputs will provide the theoretical background and the introduction of practical tools, which will then be immediately tried out in the framework of exercises, simulations, and – most importantly – with reference to the cases of our own organisations and our respective activities. Every day will be round up by the possibility to apply the learning points of the day into a business and development plan for the organisation. Therefore, existing teams in organisations are especially encouraged to apply for participation in this training course! A minor part of the training will also be dedicated to the ERASMUS+ programme and to the fostering of future projects

Main issues tackled 

Strategy and the Market 

  • Mission Statement, Stakeholder Universe 
  • Market Analysis and Product/Client Portfolios 
  • Various techniques for identifying and assessing strategies and future developments 
  • Key Success Indicators, Recursive Management 

a healthy Organisation 

  • Human Resources Management 
  • Internal Communication, Decision Making, Information and Knowledge Management 
  • Project management 
  • Quality and Performance Indicators 
  • Digital Tools 


  • Public Relations (PR) and Promotion
  • Social Media and Influencing 

Finances & Resources 

  • Accounting, Budgeting and Controlling 
  • Fundraising 
  • Social Entrepreneurship 

Elaboration of organisational Business and Development Plan 

Follow-up, Transfer and Dissemination 

  • Dissemination and Promotion the project and its outcomes 
  • Transfer of the competences developed at this training course to further stakeholders 
  • Fostering of partnerships and follow-up activities at local and international level