We have a KA2 project approved – welcome “Mobile Youth Work – Shaping European Practices” project

KA2 strategic partnership “Mobile youth work – shaping European practices” project activities will be implemented in the period of 18 months from 1st of May 2019 till 30 of October 2020. Project will be implemented by 7 partners from 6 countries: Norway, Lithuania, Latvia, Romania, Bulgaria and Italy.

A big part of Europe is covered with rural and remote territories, which are rarely populated. Sometimes it can be challenging to assure quality youth work and leisure time activities for young people living there. Mobile youth work is a form of youth work creating participation opportunities for young people in their living environment where youth centers do not exist and leisure time activities are limited. Mobile youth work can be implemented by a team of youth workers who come to small communities on agreed schedule, ex. once a week, and provide youth work services. Also mobile youth workers can support local networks of stakeholders, NGO library community and others, who provide non-formal education and youth work in their remote territory. There are several ways how to provide mobile youth work with young people in rural territories. This project will gather different practices and will analyze different ways how mobile youth work services could be provided in different European countries. The project will help youth workers across Europe to find out which strategies are relevant in their reality.


To create methodologies for mobile youth work provision based on practices in rural areas across Europe.


  • Implement trial mobile youth work service provisions in 5 countries in Europe
  • Explore how different methods and methodologies could be used in rural communities working with youth.
  • Analyze practices of partners in rural areas and conduct research to asses impact of the methodology on young people and communities were activities will be implemented.
  • Based on practices of partner develop methodology on mobile youth work which could be disseminated across youth work practitioners.
  • Train youth workers how to implement mobile youth work activities
  • To introduce mobile youth work to policy makers and create policy proposal to establish mobile youth work in project countries.
  • Promote mobile youth work and outputs in project countries and youth worker communities

We plan to implement the following activities:

  • M1 Partner meeting 1 – Project Launch in Bulgaria
  • C1 Study visit in Lithuania – Mobile youth work practices in rural municipalities – 13.06.2019 – 18.06.2019 for 30 participants from partner countries
  • O1 Piloting “Mobile youth work services” in 5 partner countries – Lithuania, Latvia, Italy, Bulgaria and Romania. In this activity at least 10 village communities will be involved. At least 300 young people will benefit from this activity 200 of them will be youth with fewer opportunities.
  • C2 Training course on “Basic on Mobile youth work” in Lithuania 03-10.11.2019 for 32 participants.
  • O2 Research on “Mobile youth work impact on local community and young people” will be conducted using qualitative research methodologies and cost benefit analysis.
  • M2 Partner meeting 2 in Latvia “Mid term evaluation and planning intellectual outputs” – February 2020.
  • O3 Developing methodology on “European practices on Mobile youth work and practical guidelines” the methodology will be at least 50 pages and provide 5 strategies of mobile youth work implementation, which could be used in other countries.
  • E1 Dissemination event in Norway “Seminar on Mobile youth work” with 20 participants. September – October 2020.
  • E2 Dissemination event in Lithuania “Conference on Mobile youth work” with 60 participants. September – October 2020.
  • E3 Dissemination event in Latvia “Seminar on Mobile youth work” with 20 participants – September – October 2020.
  • E4 Dissemination event in Romania “Seminar on Mobile youth work” with 20 participants – September – October 2020.
  • E5 Dissemination event in Italy “Seminar on Mobile youth work” with 20 participants – September – October 2020.
  • E6 Dissemination event in Bulgaria “Seminar on Mobile youth work” with 20 participants – September – October 2020.
  • M3 Partner meeting 3 in Romania “Project evaluation and closure meeting” October 2020.